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With the world's finest herbs and spices and flavors like Za'atar, Ras El Hanout, Harissa, Shichimi Togarashi, Chinese Five Spice, and Bouquet Garni, we are guided by those same Spice Masters in adapting their seasonings for use by North American Home Chefs, ensuring fresh and perfectly balanced flavors in every dish, every time. And, to assist even the most accomplished Home Chefs in broadening their culinary repertoire, we offer an extensive library of Recipes - from time-honored, generational favorites, to innovative contemporary fare. 

The result is our complete line of perfectly balanced, chef-friendly seasonings that remove the complexity from the Home Chef's job.  Seasonings like:

Bazaar, Casablanca, Heartland,

Napa Style, Lemon GroveSpice Masters,


Anatomy of a Seasoning

by MorningStar Kitchen

All of our blends are subjected to rigorous testing in our Test Kitchen to ensure that they will meet the needs of Home Chefs in their own kitchens. Learn more about how the world's finest herbs and spices become a premium seasoning worthy of the MorningStar Kitchen label!

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Shown above, a sampling of our chef-friendly seasonings.  (left-right: Tradewinds,  Japanese Table, Heartland, Pink Peppercorns,, Texas Roadhouse, Fleur de Sel,  Chimichurri, French Curry , Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt,  Ginger Sugar)

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Seasonings for the way we cook today!

Tradewinds Caribbean Seasoning a spice blend from MorningStar Kitchen
Japanese Table Seasoning (a.k.a. Shichimi Togarashi) from MorningStar Kitchen
Heartland Seasoning a spice blend from MorningStar Kitchen
Pink Peppercorns from MorningStar Kitchen
Texas Roadhouse Seasoning a spice blend from MorningStar Kitchen
Fleur De Sel a premium sea salt from MorningStar Kitchen
Chimichurri Seasoning a spice blend from MorningStar Kitchen
French Curry Seasoning Blend, a spice blend based on traditional Vadouvan from MorningStar Kitchen
Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt from MorningStar Kitchen
Ginger Sugar from MorningStar Kitchen

Our History

The MorningStar tradition is long-standing, spanning five generations in one family. It began with an elegant woman who always exceeded the expectations of those who gathered around her table. No matter what the occasion, she always put on her Sunday best. And she inspired her daughter-in-law, a young post-war bride raising a family in the 1950s and 60s to carry on the family tradition she had begun.

That young woman soon surpassed her mother-in-law in the kitchen. She thrived during a time when both food supplies and leisure time seemed to be in abundance. But this young mother was not satisfied to serve the routine fare of her day. Instead, she committed herself to her family and community, serving everyone who came through her door as if they were distinguished (and cherished) guests at her table..

She passed down that ethic to her children, who in turn passed it along to their children and grandchildren. Today, in the Twenty-First Century, serving exceptional, farm-fresh, flavorful food has become more than a tradition for this family. It has become our passion! We named that passion MorningStar. 

Our Recipes

Let Chef Bobbi Shepherd and her crew at MorningStar Kitchen help you create your next meal. We've got recipes to guide even the most accomplished Home Chef in creating farm fresh and flavorful dishes every time. 

Pumpkin Hummus Recipe by MorningStar Kitchen
Smoky Potato Chowder Recipe by MorningStar Kitchen

Everything we do at MorningStar Kitchen is inspired by MorningStar Farm. It is here that our work begins.   

The MorningStar 
Test Kitchen

Our  Signature Seasoning

Great with steaks, chops, chowders, potatoes, root vegetables, and more!

Meet Bobbi Shepherd
Chef and Spice Master,
MorningStar Kitchen

"We spent years testing and developing our line of seasonings specifically for today's Home Chef. Only the finest herbs and spices make it into one of our products, because we want to ensure our customers that they will be using the best seasonings available on the market today.


"Seasonings that will help them create those same amazing flavors created by professionals... 

"Seasonings for the way we cook today!"

As our Chef and Spice Master, Bobbi Shepherd's fingerprints are on every product we create, every recipe we release, everything we do. We hope you'll get to know Bobbi better by reading her blog and trying her recipes for yourself.

Our Packaging: 

At MorningStar Kitchen, we hand pack our seasonings in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor in every specially designed jar! We are as particular about our packaging as we are about our seasonings.  

Handpacking Classic Bistro_edited.jpg

To learn more about how we package our seasonings, and why we do what we do, CLICK HERE!

Why We Do What We Do!