Almond Fudge Trifle

Yield: 6-8 Individual Trifles

6-8 Slices (2" Thick) Chocolate Beet Bundt Cake

2 Cups Heavy Whipping Cream

3/4 Cup Marshmallow Cream 

2 Tablespoons Amaretto Liqueur

1/2 Teaspoon Fleur De Sel

1/4 Teaspoon Ground Pink Peppercorns

1 Teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract

2 Cups Fresh Raspberries

1/4 Cup Dark Cocoa Sugar

You can use any chocolate fudge cake in this recipe, but we have used our Chocolate Beet Fudge Bundt Cake in this recipe. Because it is so rich, we generally only serve small portions of it when we first make it. We then plan to save about half of the cake to use to make Almond Fudge or Raspberry Cocoa Trifles at another time. Both trifles are rich, elegant, and beautiful when served in a glass tumbler. They are also very easy to make, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to make them part of your own dessert repertoire, just like we did! 


Before you begin, place a medium mixing bowl and the beaters of an electric mixture in the freezer to chill completely. Refrigerate cream until ready to use.


Place marshmallow cream in a glass container and microwave on high for 20-25 seconds until cream has warmed just enough to blend well with other ingredients. Add Amaretto and Fleur De Sel and whisk until mixture is creamy and smooth. Set mixture aside.


Remove mixing bowl from freezer. Add the cream and vanilla sugar to the bowl. Whisk briefly to combine ingredients. Using the chilled beaters, beat mixture on high until medium peaks begin to form.


Fold the marshmallow mixture into the cream; cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before assembling trifles.

To assemble trifles, cut cake slices into cubes. Place 2-3 cubes in bottom of each serving glass. Remove cream mixture from refrigerator and stir lightly. Spoon some of the mixture on top of the cake and sprinkle with fresh raspberries. Repeat procedure to create 2 layers. Sprinkle the top of each with 2 teaspoons Cocoa Sugar and serve.

MorningStar Kitchen Seasonings Featured in this Recipe
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Sweet Shoppe 
For many chefs, desserts are
little more than an after-
thought. But with a spoonful of our Sweet Shoppe blend, Home Chefs can easily add an elegant ending to their meals. Just sprinkle some on ice cream, cookies, cake, brownies, cupcakes or add to coffee, or liqueur for the perfect finish.
Sweet Shoppe Seasoning from MorningStar Kitchen
Fleur de Sel
Delicately harvested by hand
before its crystals reach the
bottom of the salt pan, our Fleur 
de Sel is a must-have for every discerning Home Chef. Used primarily as a finishing salt, it is meant for sprinkling on top of your most special recipes just before serving. 
Fleur de Sel from MorningStar Kitchen
Pink Peppercorns
While they have a fresh,
peppery flavor, pink
peppercorns are not pepper. They are the fruit of a Brazilian tree that is part of the cashew/mango family. Their sweet, mild flavor works well in delicate sauces, as well as in seafood and poultry dishes. Crush with a mortar and pestle. 
Pink Peppercorns from MorningStar Kitchen
Dark Cocoa
For any chocolate lover, this
blend of dark cocoa and sugar is sweet, sultry, and indulgent. Use as a finishing sugar to top fruits & pastries, pancakes and waffles. Or add a decadent touch to your coffee, ice cream, and other indulgences. 
Dark Cocoa Sugar from MorningStar Kitchen