BBQ Pork Tacos

Yield: 8 servings 

1 4 Lb. Pork Shoulder

6 Tablespoons Tradewinds Seasoning

3 Teaspoons Five! Seasoning

2 Teaspoons Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt 

1 Cup Water

2-3 Cups Bottle BBQ Sauce

8 Taco Shells

4 Cups Asian Cole Slaw

Fresh Cilantro for Garnish

It's amazing how sometimes the simplest recipes (or at least the simplest-looking recipes) can be so delicious and satisfying. This is one of those dishes! With its blend of MorningStar Kitchen's seasonings, the flavors in this dish are just plain genius! this is one of those dishes that your guests will never forget.  While you will need to start this meal a day ahead, once you've done the prep work, the rest is easy! Plan to braise your pork shoulder the day before you serve it, and if possible, make your Asian Cole Slaw a day ahead, too. That will allow your flavors to develop fully, and then all you'll need to do is gently reheat the pork, assemble tacos, and serve! 


Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Use a paper towel to blot the pork shoulder dry. Let stand to air dry for a few minutes while you assemble the rub.


For the rub, combine seasonings in a small dish and whisk to combine. Reserve 1 1/2 tablespoon of the mixture and rub the rest on the pork shoulder. Place in Dutch oven and allow to stand for 20-30 minutes. Pour water in the bottom of the pan, cover, and place on center rack in preheated oven. (If you don't have a Dutch oven, use a large braising pan and cover lightly with tin foil.)  


Roast in 375 degree oven, then reduce heat to 275 degrees and braise for 5-6 hours until the meat is "pull-apart" tender. Remove from oven and allow to cool slightly. When cooled, transfer pork to a large cutting board and shred, using two forks. 

Before serving, place pork in a saucepan over medium heat and allow to heat through completely. Lightly grill or toast tortillas over a the open flame on a gas cooktop. 

To serve, place some of the heated pork in the center of each tortilla. Top each with 1/4 cup of Asian Slaw, garnish with Cilantro, and serve.

MorningStar Kitchen Seasonings Featured in this Recipe
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Tradewinds is a blend of the
complex flavors characterizing
the cuisines of the Caribbean, from Mexico to the outermost islands. Full-bodied and perfectly balanced, this is all you need for your Jamaican, Cuban, Mexican, and other Caribbean recipes. 
Tradewinds Caribbean Seasoning from MorningStar Kitchen

Five! Seasoning

At once sweet and savory,

spicy and warm, Five!

has distinctive taste all its

own. Use with pork, poultry, and shell fish; vegetables, rice, and remoulades. And venture out even further by using Five! in some of your baked creations. 

Five! Chinese Five Spice Seasoning from MorningStar Kitchen
Alderwood Smoked
Sea Salt
Slowly smoked over Alaskan
alderwood, this finishing salt
adds an exquisite, smoky touch to grilled meats, vegetables, potatoes, salad - and even desserts. Simply sprinkle a little on top before serving.
Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt from MorningStar Kitchen
Japanese Table
Used as a table seasoning,
Shichimi Togarashi is also
used by Japanese chefs in everything from grilled meats (especially pork), to marinades; soups to noodles; and even salads, like Asian Slaw. You're going to love our Japanese Table blend! 
Japanese Table Seasoning (a.k.a. Shichimi Togarashi) by MorningStarKitchen