How could anything that looks this good be easy? And yet, thanks to Country French seasoning, creating this utterly delicious Chicken Provencal was just that! The crew loved it and had no idea how simple it was to prepare!

Bobbi Shepherd

Chef & Spice Master

MorningStar Kitchen

Chicken Provencal Recipe by MorningStar Kitchen


(a.k.a. Bouquet Garni)

Adapted for Home Chefs from the French Classic 

Bouquet Garni.


Our Country French seasoning blend is a must-have for every Home Chef. Adapted from the traditional French bouquet garni, it is perfect when you want to create soups, stocks, and stews with a French flare. And it essential for dishes like Beef Burgundy, Osso Bucco, Carbonnade, Roasted Chicken, and more!


1/2 Cup Glass Jar 

Net. Wt. 0.8 Oz



Basil, savory, tarragon, dill weed, parsley, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, thyme.


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