Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I buy my seasonings from MorningStar Kitchen instead of somebody else?

MorningStar Kitchen has taken the mystery out of creating great flavors like Professional Chefs do. We're unique in that we've taken the fear and guesswork out of using complex spice blends like those created by Spice Masters around the globe. We've made blends like Shichimi Togarashi, Za'Tar, and Ras El Hanout (some of which contain as many as 20 spices!) "user friendly!' It is now possible for you to create those same great flavors by using our PREMIER SEASONING BLENDS like Japanese Table, Bazaar, Casablanca, Spice Masters - AND MORE! Just open, add to your recipe, and enjoy the results! P.S. We have recipes to guide you along the way!

I'm unsure of myself when it comes to making recipes with more complex flavor profiles. I understand your seasonings take the "guesswork" out of creating great flavors, but how can I be sure I'm using your seasonings correctly? 

Of course, practice makes perfect. Nowhere is this more true than in the kitchen. It takes some time to develop your own techniques and a familiarity with ingredients you may never have used before. So be patient with yourself, and don't lose heart if something doesn't turn out the way you'd like it to. MorningStar Kitchen is here to help you along the way. For starters, we have numerous recipes posted on our website for every product we sell. These recipes will help to familiarize you with various flavor profiles, and will guide you through the creation process. And if you feel like you need a little more help, please don't hesitate to email us with your questions at 

You talk about "balanced flavors." What does that mean?

Most of our seasonings are a complex blend of herbs and spices. Some of them have as many as 20 spices in a single blend. We've spent years developing our blends to ensure that their flavors are perfectly balanced. Creating that balance requires expertise and patience. It also requires a substantial investment in stocking the many spices required for any given seasoning. MorningStar Kitchen has invested both the time and the money required to develop the balanced flavors you are seeking.

Why wouldn't I try to make my own seasonings instead of using yours?

When we cook, we usually try to create a particular flavor profile. For example, Middle Eastern dishes have a particular "profile." That profile comes from the seasonings used in the preparation. The same is true for other cuisines, like Cajun, Texas Barbecue, or Asian. When the seasonings are well-balanced, they create a unique flavor of their own. No single spice stands out; rather, the individual herbs and spices work together, complement each other, and create a distinctive taste that is unique to a particular recipe or cuisine. Herbs De Provence, is a good example: in this case, ingredients like savory, thyme, rosemary, lavender, and fennel are combined to create a unique flavor profile.  You don't taste any of the individual ingredients; instead, you taste what the distinctive, balanced flavor known as Herbs De Provence.

What kind of feedback have you gotten from Home Chefs who have used your products?

The feedback we've received has been consistent. We've repeatedly heard two things: first, the comments always include the word 'FLAVOR.'  Over and over again, guests at MorningStar and clients alike make comments like, "What incredible flavor." Or, "I've never tasted anything so flavorful before." And we love this one:  "This was the BEST MEAL I've ever eaten!"  So for most of our clientele, our flavors are the most important thing. The other feedback we've received consistently is, "You've changed the way I cook!" or "I'm not intimidated by complex seasonings any longer." 

You offer a number of different salts, sugars, and peppercorns on your website. Why would I buy those when I can stock up on them at the grocery store less money?

The truth is that not all salt (or sugar, or pepper) is "created equal." The products we offer have been harvested (sometimes by hand) in order to bring you the finest, freshest, most flavorful, and most diverse selection in the world. Hand harvested Fleur De Sel, for example, performs and tastes differently from Dead Sea Salt. Once you've sampled our offerings and tried them in your recipes, you won't be satisfied any longer with ordinary table salt, sugar, or peppercorns.  

How are your seasonings packaged?

We hand pack our seasonings in small batches to ensure freshness and flavor in every jar.  Depending on the individual seasonings, we pack them in either 1/2 cup or 1 cup glass jars, each heat sealed and shrink-wrapped to guarantee both freshness and safety. 

I've purchased some of your SEASONINGS and am excited to use them. But my questions now are, "HOW do I use them?" and "HOW MUCH do I use?"

We understand that Home Chefs like you may be venturing into new culinary territory. To better acquaint you, we've created hundreds of recipes to guide you in creating the amazing dishes you're excited to make. Visit us online to find several recipes for every item we offer.  Simply go to

How long will my seasonings stay fresh?

The industry standard for freshness is 2 years. To keep your seasonings fresh, they should be stored in airtight containers, and placed in a cool, dark location (like a kitchen cabinet or closet). At MorningStar Kitchen, we package our seasonings in glass jars, as they are ideal for storage. Our lids have a freshness-protecting seal on the inside, and after packing, we heat-seal the completed jars for a final time to protect the product even further. Even after they have passed the 2-year mark, your seasonings should still be usable. But since they will have lost some of their freshness, you may need to use more than usual in order to achieve the same flavors in you recipes. 

I've tried several of your seasonings.  I'm a real fan and I can't wait to try more! Will MorningStar Kitchen be offering new SEASONINGS in the future?

Yes! While we are thrilled with our product offerings, we are not satisfied resting on our laurels. We continue to search the globe for more fine spices and seasonings to help you, the Home Chef, continue to build your culinary repertoire. As we find seasonings that meet our stringent requirements, we will bring them to the marketplace. Watch our website for new offerings!