Chinese five-spice powder adds a kick that offsets richness in both sweet and savory recipes. This aromatic spice blend enhances stir-fried vegetables, chicken, and especially fatty meats like pork and duck. It is used as a spice rub for chicken, duck, pork and seafood recipes, and can be added to the breading for fried foods. Five-spice powder isn’t hot but is quite concentrated, so use it in small quantities.

Shuli Madmone

Spice Master


(a.k.a. Chinese Five Spice)

Adapted for Home Chefs from the Chinese Classic Five Spice.


At once sweet and savory, spicy and warm, Five! has distinctive taste all its own. Use with pork, poultry, and shellfish; vegetables, rice, and remoulades. And venture out even further by using Five! in some of your baked creations.


1/2 Cup Glass Jar 

Net. Wt. 2 oz. 



Cinnamon, star anise seed, allspice, fennel, cloves, black pepper.


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