Hand-harvested French grey salt, also called sel gris and Celtic sea salt, is our everyday favorite of the Old World sea salts. The gray color comes from mineral-rich clay on the bottom of the salt pan, where the moist crystals are harvested after the sun has evaporated the seawater. Because I love its moist consistency and the way it blends with other ingredients during the cooking process, this is my 'go to' salt that I use for most recipes And I love adding a pinch or two of it to dessert recipes, where it really highlights the sweet flavors!


Bobbi Shepherd

Chef and Spice Master

MorningStar Kitchen


Hand Harvested for the Home Chef.


With its artisanal, Old World appeal, French Grey sea salt is a favorite of professional chefs. Hand harvested from mineral-rich salt beds, we believe this one is the perfect salt for discerning Home Chefs as well.


1 Cup Glass Jar 

Net Wt. 8 Oz.



French grey sea salt. 


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