Ginger Sugar has become a rock star around MorningStar Kitchen. We love using it spontaneously in all sorts of dishes, both sweet and savory.  It's an easy way to 'spike' the flavor of things like spice rubs, grilled shrimp or salmon, skewered chicken, or even fresh fruits, vegetables and vinaigrettes. We use it in several cocktails, and of course, we love to add it to sweets like cookies, cakes, jams, jellies, and fruit sauces. Once you've stared to use it, you'll see why we call it a rock star. You'll start to depend on it and look for ways to feature it in your own original creations!


Bobbi Shepherd

Chef and Spice Master

MorningStar Kitchen

Lebkuchen Cookie Recipe by MorningStar Kitchen


Blended with Adventurous Home Chefs in Mind.


Rich, sweet, and warm, our Ginger Sugar can be used creatively for both sweet and savory dishes. Sprinkle some on salmon before grilling, use to add a subtle sweetness to sauces and vinaigrettes, or use as a finishing touch on pastries and desserts.


1 Cup Glass Jar 

Net Wt. 6.4 Oz.



Sugar, ginger.


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