Skewered Chicken with Raspberry Five! Sauce

Yield: 8 Skewers

8 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

½ Teaspoon Hawaiian Alaea Salt

½ Teaspoon Ground Pink Peppercorns

1 ½ Cup Raspberry Five Sauce Divided

2 Tablespoons Minced Fresh Cilantro

2 Tablespoons Sliced Scallions (Green Tops)

2 Teaspoons Roasted Sesame Seeds

While this recipe makes a beautiful main course, sometimes we love to serve this as an appetizer. The Raspberry Five! Sauce is sure to get the conversation started and prepare the way for a delightful meal. If serving as an appetizer, cut the skewers to 6-7” and use only 1 piece of chicken on each. No matter how you choose to serve this dish, the presentation is almost as beautiful as the flavors! Almost! And your guests will be delighted when they see you coming.


Pat chicken dry and slice into strips 2" wide. Toss with salt and pepper and place in a plastic bag. Pour ¾ cup raspberry sauce over the chicken and mix well to ensure all the meat is coated with the sauce. Seal bag and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.


Soak 8 wooden skewers in water for 30 minutes to prevent burning. Drain chicken, divide evenly and thread on skewers. Brush with some of the marinade. Heat grill to 400 degrees, or if using grill pan, preheat pan over medium high heat.  Grill chicken for 5-6 minutes, turning once during the process. If the chicken begins to burn (the sugar in the jam may cause it to burn), remove from direct heat on grill, or reduce heat under grill pan to medium.


When done, place skewers on a platter. Cover with tin foil and let stand for 5-8 minutes before serving. Toss together cilantro, scallions, and sesame seeds and sprinkle on top before serving. Serve with remaining sauce on the side for dipping.

MorningStar Kitchen Seasonings Featured in this Recipe
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Hawaiian Alaea
Sea Salt
Harvested from Hawaii's
clay-lined salt ponds, this
salt is ideal for Home Chefs who want to distinguish themselves. It locks in the moisture and flavor of grilled and roasted meats; and its robust earthy and sweet flavors make it perfect for brines, rubs, marinades, and more. 
Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt from MorningStar Kitchen
Pink Peppercorns
While they have a fresh, peppery
flavor, pink peppercorns are not
pepper. They are the fruit of a
Brazilian tree that is part of the cashew/mango family. Their sweet, mild flavor works well in delicate sauces, as well as in seafood and poultry dishes. Crush with a mortar and pestle. 
Pink Peppercorns From MorningStar Kitche

Five! Seasoning

At once sweet and savory,

spicy and warm, Five! has

distinctive taste all its own.

Use with pork, poultry, and shell fish; vegetables, rice, and remoulades. And venture out even further by using Five! in some of your baked creations. 

Five! Chinese Five Spice Seasoning from MorningStar Kitchen