Strawberry Radish Salsa

Yield: 3-4 Cups

2 Cups Diced Strawberries

1 Cup Fresh Blackberries (optional)

½ Cup Diced French Breakfast Radishes

½ Cup Finely Sliced Scallions or Chives

¼ Cup Diced Hungarian Pepper

¼ Cup Minced Fresh Cilantro

Juice from 1 Lime

1 Teaspoon Cracked Pink Peppercorns

½ Teaspoon Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

This dish may come as something of a surprise to the guests around your table. Usually we think of salsa as something with tomatoes, or maybe mangoes. But we wanted to make a fresh spring version using some the fruits of our early planting – strawberries, radishes, and chives. We serve it with grilled seafood for a delightful twist on what might otherwise be a mundane dish!


Place all ingredients in a medium size bowl. Toss together, cover, and refrigerate for 1-2 hours allowing the unique flavor of the salsa to develop.

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Pink Peppercorns
While they have a fresh,
peppery flavor, pink
peppercorns are not pepper.
They are the fruit of a Brazilian tree that is part of the cashew/mango family. Their sweet, mild flavor works well in delicate sauces, as well as in seafood and poultry dishes. Crush with a mortar and pestle. 
Pink Peppercorns from MorningStar Kitchen
Hawaiian Alaea
Sea Salt
Harvested from Hawaii's
clay-lined salt ponds, this
salt is ideal for Home Chefs who want to distinguish themselves. It locks in the moisture and flavor of grilled and roasted meats; and its robust earthy and sweet flavors make it perfect for brines, rubs, marinades, and more. 
Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt from MorningStar Kitchen