The Journey Begins

Let me introduce myself. I'm Bobbi Shepherd, Chef and Creative Director at MorningStar Kitchen, located in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Ultimately, our goal at MorningStar Kitchen is to help turn home cooks into discriminating Home Chefs.

​We do this by providing Home Chefs with information and creative recipes that will encourage them to venture beyond their culinary comfort zone. And we offer them a complete line of artisanal seasonings that have been adapted for them from the work of some of the greatest chefs and Spice Masters around the globe. All of these, from recipes to seasonings, are available online at our website: We invite you to join us there as together we will embark upon an exciting culinary journey.

We are delighted to have you join us on this culinary journey, and look forward to the months and years ahead when we will be leading you on a real adventure. Along the way, we will look forward to sharing some of our experiences (and the lessons we have learned from them), as well as solutions to some of your own culinary challenges. From time-to-time we will recommend ingredients to enhance the flavors you produce in your own kitchen – ingredients like the artisanal spice blends and proprietary seasonings we offer online. We will offer shortcuts, and suggest techniques to make your job in the kitchen easier. And we will share recipes that may encourage you to step out of your personal culinary comfort zone.

All we ask of you as we embark upon this journey together is that you surrender all fear in the kitchen. Be bold, and be willing to step out of your comfort zone. At the very least, cooking should be enjoyable. And sometimes it should be just plain fun!

So get ready for the great adventure. And Welcome to MorningStar Kitchen!

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