Start With The Basics

Even the most novice cook knows that a well-stocked pantry starts with two basics: Salt and Pepper! One of the first things any of us buys when setting up our kitchens is a set of salt and pepper shakers to accessorize our table settings.

In previous generations, foods were often seasoned with only the salt and pepper people shook on top of their food after it was served at the table. No doubt, even then restaurant chefs had a few more choices than the average home cook, but the selection was pretty much limited to what could be found in boxes and cans.

Today, discriminating Home Chefs are able to find an almost unlimited supply and variety of artisanal salts and peppers. What they have discovered is that not all salts or peppers are created equal. Not all have the same flavor, or accomplish the same purpose in a recipe. Different salts and peppers can bring distinctive nuances to a recipe; fine distinctions in texture, flavor, and color that the discriminating Home Chef will recognize and appreciate. Nuances that will quickly transform a recipe from ordinary to extraordinary!

For example, at MorningStar Kitchen, we generally cook with either Kosher or French Grey salt, as both work well with other herbs and spices during the cooking process. We then use a premium artisanal salt - like hand-harvested Fleur De Sel, or mineral-rich Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt - as a brilliant finishing touch for our culinary creations.

The same is true for peppers. I use the plural here, because pepper isn't just pepper anymore. Today there are numerous varieties on the market that help to create distinctive flavors in our recipes. We can find peppercorns, cracked pepper, and ground pepper (the kind our mothers and grandmothers relied on). We can find black pepper, red pepper (which isn't really pepper), green pepper, white pepper, and Szechuan pepper.

It's as important for Home Chefs today to stock their pantries with salt and pepper as it was in past generations. Only today we have a world of varieties to choose from. Today, a well-equipped pantry will have several types of salts and peppers for the Home Chef to choose when creating fresh and flavorful recipes. Choices that will help to create fresh and flavorful recipes every time. To learn more, watch for my upcoming blog posts, A Short Primer on Peppercorns, and Salt of the Earth.

To learn more or buy our artisanal salts and peppercorns, visit us online at:

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