Kitchen Kudos!

The staff at MorningStar Kitchen is passionate about helping home cooks become accomplished Home Chefs. For us, that effort starts with our line of Premium Seasonings that have been created to enable Home Chefs season their dishes like the Pros. And in our Test Kitchen we work tirelessly to develop new recipes to share with our clients and followers.

But our efforts don’t stop there. Our experience tells us that there are a lot of great products in the marketplace that will help our clients develop a more interesting – dare we say exciting! – culinary repertoire. Our staff is constantly on the lookout for specialty products that can add more flavor and appeal to any menu, and that can make the job of the Home Chef a little easier – and more interesting!.

Every week we meet to share our ‘finds’ with each other and to pick one that will become our “Product of the Week.” We then sample and test the products. And when we are satisfied that they meet the same demanding standards we set for ourselves, we give the products our seal of approval. They are then branded with what we at Morningstar call our Kitchen Kudos!

We want to share our Kitchen Kudos with you, our friends and followers. So we will be sharing them with you on our Blog and website. Watch for Kudos weekly. We think you’ll enjoy learning more about some of the specialty products that we at MorningStar Kitchen have come to love and depend on. Every one of them has made a difference for us in the kitchen and at the table. We believe they will do the same for you!

P.S. We are completely independent in our selection process. We receive no compensation whatsoever from the manufacturers or suppliers of the products we recommend. So you can be confident that we are recommending products because we believe they will enhance your work as a Home Chef and will make a real difference in the menus you create.

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