Getting Ready for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Like the rest of you, my husband, kids, and grandkids will spoil me with beautiful cards and flowers for the garden – which I’ll move outside just as soon as we’ve had our last frost. And of course, I’ll get my favorite Grilled Lamb Chops, seasoned with Lavender Sea Salt from MorningStar Kitchen, for dinner that I request every year. It will be a relaxing and refreshing day that will give me time to reminisce about the wonderful women who’ve touched my life.

This year I’ve decided to thank some of them for the blessing they’ve been to me. As a special “Thank you,” going to make each of them a culinary treat. I want each gift to be special, sweet, and scrumptious, so I’ve been getting ideas from some of my favorite culinary companies and food bloggers – people who themselves have inspired me in my personal culinary journey. I thought I’d share a few of them with you here. Maybe they’ll inspire you to create something special for the women in your life.

  • From King Arthur Flour: I’m going to make their Roasted Strawberry Cream Cheese Rolls. As KAF suggested, these make a wonderful spring alternative to Cinnamon Rolls. Check them out at @kingarthurflour.

  • From Food Network: I’m treating some friends to their Raspberry Sunrise Mimosas. Thank you, Food Network. @foodnetwork

  • From Love And Sugar: I’m making their Lemon Mascarpone Cream Pie. Thank you Love and Sugar. @loveandsugar

  • From Food52: My friends are going to love their take on brownies with their Salted Chocolate Espresso Brookies. Thank you, Food52. @food52.

  • From DiAlfredo Foods: I love their Balsamic Pearls. They’re like balsamic caviar, and I love to serve them with fruit. So one of my friends is going to be getting fresh Lavender Strawberry Shortcake, with a jar of the pearls to sprinkle on top. Thank you DiAlfredo. @dialfredofoods

  • From the New York Times: They’ve shared a new recipe for lemon ice cream that I can’t wait to share with a friend! It’s made with olive oil and salt! I’ll probably make a fresh strawberry sauce to serve with it. Thanks NYT. @nytfood

  • From Bastille Kitchen in Boston: Sometimes all you want is a taste of Crème Brulee – just a taste! Bastille Kitchen makes minis that are perfect for a Mother’s Day treat! Thanks Bastille Kitchen.

  • From Bodega Catena Zapata: Ok, so this one isn’t sweet, but it certainly is special. It’s my new favorite wine. A Malbec from Argentina. My friends know how much I appreciate a good Malbec. This one goes way beyond good. Thank you Catena Zapata!

Finally, I won’t be able to resist giving each of my friends a jar of Sweet Shoppe Seasoning from MorningStar Kitchen. When it comes to sweets, this is one of my “go to” ingredients. A blend of brown sugar, chocolate, cocoa powder, and cinnamon, it adds a special (as in decadent) touch in coffee, on ice cream; sprinkled on fruit, or just eaten by the spoonful right out of the jar!

To learn more about MorningStar’s Lavender Sea Salt and Sweet Shoppe Seasoning, visit us online at

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