It's Mushroom Season!

Mushrooming Season is upon us! For two weeks, everywhere we go we’ll see empty vehicles parked along the side of the road, while their owners are hiking through the woods in hot pursuit of the coveted Morel mushroom. Oh, the stories that will be told by those who ventured out in the cold, drizzling rain just so they could have a chance at these precious gems that seem to simply pop out of the ground beneath a pile of leaves. But don’t ever ask these mushroom hunters where they found their prize, because the only answer you’ll ever get is, “In the woods!”

One of our friends should probably be crowned “Mushroom King of the North.” He’s the first person to hit the woods in the spring, and the last person to leave. He claims to “harvest” truckloads every year. And while we’ve never actually seen his truck full of Morels, we have certainly seen bushels!

Personally, I’ve never harvested even a single Morel! In fact, to be perfectly honest, I’ve never even seen one in the woods – in spite of donning my muck boots and heading into the woods like everyone else every May for years. But that hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for Mushroom Season, or my love of the coveted Morel. While I’ve given up the hunt, I have some wonderful friends who have taken pity on me and who bring me bucket loads of them every year. More than I could ever use in a single season! So it’s almost time for me to get busy making “all things Morel.”

My favorite thing to make is Morel Bisque, spiked with MorningStar Kitchen’s Great Lakes Seasoning. One of our Signature dishes, it is one of the most-requested dishes we make at MorningStar. It makes a perfect starter, or an even more perfect meal when served with crusty bread and an arugula salad on the side.

Among the other dishes we’ll be making will be Roasted Morels, Morel Tapenade, Morel Tart, and Chicken Marsala made with Morels. We’ll also rev up our Excalibur Dehydrator and run it, full of mushrooms, day and night until we’ve worked our way through this year’s harvest of Morels. It will become a gift that keeps on giving in the “mushroom-less” months ahead until next year! So I won’t be upset when the sun appears from behind the clouds and the trillium blanket the woods. I’ll still have Morels in my pantry, and will enjoy using them throughout the year.

Want the recipe for Morel Bisque? Visit us online at

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