This Memorial Day, Make it Memorable!

For most people – especially those of us who live in the North – Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. People open their cottages for the summer, take their boats out for the first time, get out on the golf course, and have their first cook-out. At MorningStar, we’re as excited about the weekend as everybody else. But the truth is, our weekend looks a lot different from the one most of our friends will be having.

At MorningStar, it’s All Hands On Deck over Memorial weekend. It’s when we put on a final push to get the farm up, running, and ready to produce for the summer. After lying low over the winter, our crew is ready to go. And the house is full with family members who’ve come for the weekend, ready to work. That means every one!

The kids get busy mucking stalls and grooming the animals. Teenagers from the area come to haul the fallen wood out of the woods and start a log pile for the next winter. Some of us are busy putting the final touches on the gardens so they can be planted the following week. Others take on a new project we’ve been planning since last year, and others are busy cleaning the tractors, gators, and other equipment. If you were to stop by during the weekend, you wouldn’t believe the “mess” we seemed to have created – all in the name of progress.

But then Monday comes – Memorial Day itself. We’re all moving a little slower than we were when the weekend began. So instead of grabbing a bowl of cereal on our way out the door, we’re apt to linger over our coffee before sitting down for brunch.

After brunch, some of us (including me) stay in the kitchen while the rest head out to the barn to put away all the tools and sweep the barn one last time. Those of us who have stayed behind in the kitchen get busy preparing the cook-out. It’s always a great feast; a great celebration; a prelude of great things to come during the months ahead.

Because we can’t always count on the weather cooperating, we don’t always cook out for this one. We plan cook out style food, but we don’t always cook out. This year, for example, the main course will be our Oven Smoked Brisket. Over the years we’ve mastered this one. We always get a beautiful bark, and the flavor is like we’ve spent all day tending the smoker.

We’ll also serve my some of my other Signature dishes like Farmhouse Baked Beans, Asian Slaw, and Firecracker Corn Pudding. The family and crew are already talking about it, as it’s one of their favorite meals of the year. On Memorial Day, they will have earned it! So I’ll probably make some of my Triple Chocolate Ice Cream to top off the meal before sending them on their way.

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