Farmhouse Fusion: A new twist on the Farm-To-Table Culinary Style

At Morningstar Kitchen we have our own unique culinary style. It’s a new twist on traditional Farm-To-Table cooking. We call it Farmhouse Fusion.

Farmhouse Fusion cooking starts, of course, on the farm. For some of us (including those of us who live and work at MorningStar Kitchen) that means starting with the family farm or garden. For others, it means starting at local Farmers Markets or nearby farm stands. And for others, it means starting in the fresh produce department at local specialty markets. But no matter where it starts, the important thing is that Farmhouse Fusion cooking starts with farm-fresh: fruits, vegetables, eggs, meats, seafood . . . whatever we cook, it starts with FRESH!

We then “fuse” those ingredients with time-honored traditions and elements from the global culinary community. For Morningstar, that means creating dishes like Roasted Pumpkin Hummus, which adapts a traditional Middle Eastern recipe to the fresh pumpkins we’ve grown in our garden. Or Ramp and Pea Pesto, where we pair fresh ramps from the woods with fresh peas from the garden and “spike” the mixture with MorningStar’s Lemon Grove Seasoning for a new take on an old Italian favorite.

Or Casablanca Style Romesco Sauce, made with

garden fresh red bell peppers and our own Casablanca (a.k.a. Harissa) seasoning. A new take on a Mediterranean favorite, we serve it alongside fresh grilled vegetables or seafood pulled straight from the Great Lakes.

The Farmhouse Fusion style lends itself to endless (and exciting) possibilities. We think it will change the way you cook. Once you’ve started down this road, you’ll never look back.

For guidance, check out some of our recipes and seasonings at:

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