It’s spring, which means than in a few weeks we’ll start enjoying the new year’s harvest. For us at MorningStar, it starts with Morel mushrooms and ramps, and ends with pumpkins and kale. And with them comes our Excalibur Dehydrator.

Every chef – whether professional or Home Chef – has his or her favorite tools in the kitchen. For some, it’s their favorite knives. For others, it may be their deluxe blender or “spiralizer.” At MorningStar Kitchen, our favorite tools include our freezer, our vacuum sealer, and our Excalibur Dehydrator. You probably see a pattern here.

At MorningStar we are committed to our Farm-To-Table, Farmhouse Fusion culinary lifestyle. Okay, there might be a few chocolate or caramel recipes in our repertoire, but for the most part, our recipes always start with garden-fresh ingredients. We are fortunate to be able to grow most of those ingredients in the massive private gardens at MorningStar Farm. And we are able to buy the things we can’t or don’t grow ourselves from local farm markets.

The problem is that Morel and ramp season lasts for only two weeks in May. Our pea harvest lasts for about a month, and pumpkin season ends with Thanksgiving. So that leaves us with almost six months every year when we aren’t able to get the garden-fresh/farm-fresh ingredients we covet.

That’s why our freezer, vacuum sealer, and Excalibur Dehydrator are our favorite tools. They allow us to preserve part of this year’s harvest for use until the next. They allow us to keep the garden-fresh in our recipes. So when the snow is falling in December and January, or the harsh March winds are blowing, we are still able to serve all of those Farm-To-Table dishes we and our guests love.

Of the three, I think our dehydrator is our favorite tool. We rev it up when the Morels appear in May, and keep it running until the last of the kale in November. We use it to dehydrate cherry tomatoes that we serve later as tomato chips, either as an appetizer or to add extra crunch to a salad or cocktail biscuit. We dehydrate more kale than you could imagine, then crumble it to add to soups and sauces for extra flavor. We create our own raisins by dehydrating our fresh grapes. We dehydrate turnips, carrots, rutabaga, leeks, onions, squash, and potatoes to add to pot pies, pasties, and stews throughout the year. Strawberries, cherries, and blueberries for cookies and muffins - you name it, we dehydrate it!

So to you, Excalibur, we say KITCHEN KUDOS! Kudos on your highest quality machines that extend our harvest and make our lives a little easier and a lot more gratifying. Out of all the brands on the market, yours is the one that meets our stringent demands. Kudos to you!

P.S. We are completely independent in making our Kitchen Kudos. We receive no compensation from the companies we recommend. They have not sought our recommendations, and in many cases, they don’t even know who we are. We keep it this way so that you, our audience, can trust our opinions when we make recommendations.

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