Let me start this post by telling you that I love goats. In fact, I consider some of them at MorningStar Farm to be my best friends!

Maybe that's because one of my favorite foods is Goat Cheese. (For me, I'm not sure which came first - my love of goats, or my love of goat cheese!) I think goat cheese should maybe be its own food group! My friends, family, crew, and guests all know this about me. And they know that if they are going to be a guest at my table, they are probably going to find goat cheese somewhere on the menu!

I love goat cheese mainly because of its bright, tangy flavor. But I also love goat cheese because it is so versatile. It comes in almost any version – soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, or firm – which, in itself, makes the cheese versatile. A block of tangy goat cheese makes the perfect addition to any cheese board. But I also love it because it has a natural affinity to so many of the dishes we prepare at Morningstar Kitchen. From Mediterranean to Northern European to Latin and Caribbea, it’s the perfect Farmhouse Fusion ingredient. It goes well with everything from pumpkin and beets to tomatoes and cucumbers. It’s great in some of our favorite sauces, in salads, or on croustini as an appetizer.

Sometimes I add a little to lamb meatballs, or melt it on top of a grilled chicken breast. When it comes to goat cheese, I’d have to say, “I’m all over it!” In other words, Kudos!

Until recently, I thought I’d seen it all when it comes to goat cheese. But that was until a couple of months ago when I discovered Cablanca, a hand-cut, hand-wrapped version imported from Orange Windmill in the Netherlands. Made from 100% pure, pasteurized goat’s milk, Cablanca’s flavor is mild, creamy, and well rounded. (Orange Windmill was recently awarded the Gold Medal for Taste by the Guild of Fine Food in Europe.)

If you’re not quite as sure of goat cheese as I am, this one is a great place for you to start, as Cablanca is milder – as they would say, it’s not as “assertive” as some of the more traditional goat cheeses. Perhaps that’s because, unlike more classic versions, it’s made from pasteurized goat milk instead of unpasteurized.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of goat cheese, or you’ve never tried it before, I can’t recommend Cablanca highly enough. It’s guaranteed to please both you and your fussiest guest. Kitchen Kudos to you Orange Windmill! Kitchen Kudos, Cablanca! Congratulations!

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