Recently I had lunch at Cassis in St. Petersburg, FL. I loved it so much that I went back for dinner later that evening. From now on, Cassis will be one of my regular stops when I’m traveling along Florida’s west coast. In their own words, Cassis combines “the traditional European Brasserie with the relaxed flair of American eateries.” I couldn’t have said it better myself! When we walked through the door of Cassis, my traveling companions and I were immediately transported to the Left Bank in Paris, where, of course, we were expecting to enjoy a satisfying meal of Steak Frittes (which one of the members of our party did order). But what we weren’t expecting was a menu that was as comprehensive as theirs.

Cassis offers everything from burgers and sandwiches to Fried Chicken, Roasted Cauliflower Head, and Bouillabaisse. I ordered the Atlantic Salmon (sounds typically American, doesn’t it?). I couldn’t have been more delighted if I had caught the salmon myself in the Pacific Northwest and prepared it that evening!

I was delighted by Cassis’ take on it: the salmon was seared and served skin-side up, ‘perfumed’ with something wonderful at table side. The crust they had created lent an unexpected flavor and texture to the dish that was memorable. But what made the dish even more memorable was that the salmon was served with Pumpkin Ravioli and Fresh Asparagus, both drizzled with a Grand Marnier Buerre Blanc! From my culinary perspective – i.e. Farmhouse Fusion – it just doesn’t get any better than that!

To me, Cassis captured the very essence of Farmhouse Fusion. The salmon was great, there’s no doubt about it. Alone, it might have been served in any American bistro. But by serving it alongside something pumpkin – and something asparagus – and then drizzling it with a delicious (and unique) Buerre Blanc, they nailed it! While I doubt that they even thought about creating a Farmhouse Fusion meal, that was our take on it. And for that, I say KUDOS, CASSIS!

Creating Farmhouse Fusion meals is something we’re intentional about at MorningStar Kitchen. So much so that we created the concept, and it is the guiding principal in every dish we prepare. We encourage you to let it guide your culinary efforts, too. Look for ways to combine farm-fresh ingredients (like pumpkin and asparagus), with time-honored culinary traditions (like ravioli) and global flare (like Grand Marnier Buerre Blanc). Not only are the culinary opportunities endless, and the results stunning. But you’ll also come to love the process of cooking Farmhouse Fusion.

For ideas on how you can create Farmhouse Fusion meals in your own kitchen, check out our recipes at: www.morningstarkitchen.com/recipes

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