Soup's On!

It seems Soup Season arrived in all its glory this week. I couldn’t be more excited, and from the looks of everything I’m seeing on social media these days, I’m not alone. Seems a lot of home chefs have been waiting patiently for soup season. And who can blame any of us? There’s nothing like a bowl of steaming hot soup to warm both the body and the soul.

From my perspective, the sky’s the limit when it comes to ingredients and flavor profiles. Back in the day, most home cooks had a repertoire of three or four soups that they served their families in rotation: tomato (creamy or minestrone) and chicken (of course!); vegetable, and a bean soup of one sort or other. My mother’s bean of choice was northern beans; other mothers I knew preferred split peas or lentils. I have to say that they were all delicious, and I still make those same soups in my own kitchen today. But as with so many other things in the culinary arena today, the world of soup making is open wide to new possibilities. Local Farmers Markets deserve a lot of the credit for that, as every week they provide us with fresh, seasonal produce perfect for making soups.

These days, my one of my personal favorites is Savory Pumpkin Soup. That’s subject to change, of course, depending on the change of season. In the spring I like to make Country French Pea Soup, Cream of Asparagus, or Farmhouse Roasted Onion Soup. During the winter, a bowl of Smoky Potato Chowder or Pumpkin Chili is a real favorite around here. And in the summer, who can resist a bowl of garden fresh Gazpacho?

Thanks to the wide range of seasonings available on the market today, we’re able to create soups with more complex flavor profiles than we were able to make even a few years ago. Move over, Broccoli Cheese, and make room for things like Curried Patty Pan Bisque; Tradewinds Black Bean Soup; or Smoked Whitefish and Sweet Potato Chowder, which is one of our specialties here at MorningStar Kitchen.

Yes, there’s a whole new world out there these days when it comes to soups. Soup isn’t just for Saturday lunches any more. Not only has soup gone mainstream, but it’s also become fashionable. When served with some crusty bread and a side salad, it’s just as perfect for company dinners as it is for Thursday evening suppers.

At MorningStar Kitchen we carry a full line of specialty seasonings created for the way we cook today. That means soup! We also have dozens of recipes to guide you along the road to making flavorful soups. Fabulous soups. Memorable soups.

SOUP’S ON at Morningstar Kitchen! So why not check us out. Visit us today at

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