It's Sauce Season

For the past several weeks we’ve been in the middle of what we at MorningStar Kitchen fondly refer to as “Sauce Season.” We look forward to celebrating Sauce Season every year. Yes, I know, Halloween is just around the corner, and then we’ll be gearing up for Thanksgiving and all of the celebrations that come with the month of December. Then there will be New Year’s Eve and Day, followed by Valentines Day. It seems there is always something to celebrate. But around here, Sauce Season is one of our favorite celebrations!

At MorningStar Kitchen, Sauce Season starts in mid-September and lasts until mid-November. It’s that time of the year when we enjoy the abundant harvest from our gardens, and work tirelessly to process the bounty so that our family, friends, and crew can all continue to enjoy the fruits of our labors during the long, cold months ahead.

During Sauce Season we are busy harvesting, cleaning, peeling, grating, and chopping all the beautiful produce from our gardens. We dehydrate, cook, roast, pickle, can, jell, and freeze all the beautiful produce we bring in from the gardens throughout the fall. Not a bit of it goes to waste!

With all of these ‘goodies’ in front of us, our creative juices really start to flow, and it is now – while the fruits and vegetables are at their freshest – that we create the sauces we’ll use throughout the months ahead. Things like several types of Tomato Sauce; Savory Pumpkin Sauce, Romesco Sauce, Onion Sauce, Barbecue Sauce and Carrot Sauce. The list includes both savory and sweet sauces; and sometimes we make both versions of a sauce, like our Cranberry Apricot Sauce and our Savory Cranberry Sauce.

We make some sauces that will be the base for soups and gravies, and others that will define the dishes we use them in (like Bolognese and Curried Pumpkin Sauce). And every year we make a few new sauces we’ve never made before. This year, our favorite new creations (so far) include our new Patty Pan Bechamel; and our stunning new Roasted Golden Bolognese Sauce, inspired by the bushels of yellow tomatoes we’ve harvested from the garden.

As always, Sauce Season has been a lot of fun this year! While we still have several weeks to go, our freezers and pantry are nearly filled with the wonderful sauces we’ve already made. And the good news is, once the season is over, our guests, family, friends, and crew will enjoy the amazing sauces we’ve created for months to come – until next Sauce Season!

A lot of our sauce recipes can be found on our website, with more being added each year. I hope you’ll try some of them. You can find them at:

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