Strawberry Rose' Rhubarb Jam

Yield: 8-9 Half Pint Jars

6 Cups Strawberries

2 Cups Diced Rhubarb

¼ Cup Rose’ Wine

1 Teaspoon Butter

½ Teaspoon Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt

½ Teaspoon Ground Pink Peppercorns

1 Package Powdered Fruit Pectin

5 ½ Cups Organic Cane Sugar

2 Teaspoons Citric Acid

‘Back in the day’ cooks in small town America grew rhubarb along the side of their garage to use in their strawberry jams, pies, chutneys, etc. We have revived the recipe and taken it from ‘old school’ to ‘artisanal’ with the addition of rose’ wine, specialty salt and pink peppercorns. It didn’t take long for this jam to become the favorite of family and friends at the farm. Once they’ve had a chance to try it, we’re confident that the guests at your table will feel the same.


Working with a few berries at a time, place a layer of them in a large bowl and mash to desired consistency. Transfer mashed berries to a Dutch oven placed over high heat.


Add rhubarb, wine, butter, salt, pepper, and pectin. Stirring constantly, bring mixture to a full rolling boil. Remove from heat and skim off foam if any has formed. (Using butter in the recipe should prevent the foam and make your job easier).


Add sugar and return mixture to a rolling boil. Continue to boil, stirring constantly, for 1 minute. Remove from heat, stir citric acid into the mixture, and process as desired.  

MorningStar Kitchen Seasonings Featured in this Recipe
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Hawaiian Alaea
Sea Salt
Harvested from Hawaii's
clay-lined salt ponds, this salt is
ideal for Home Chefs who want to distinguish themselves. It locks in the moisture and flavor of grilled and roasted meats; and its robust earthy and sweet flavors make it perfect for brines, rubs, marinades, and more. 
Hawaiian Alaea Sea Salt from MorningStar Kitchen
Pink Peppercorns
While they have a fresh,
peppery flavor, pink
peppercorns are not pepper.
They are the fruit of a Brazilian tree that is part of the cashew/mango family. Their sweet, mild flavor works well in delicate sauces, as well as in seafood and poultry dishes. Crush with a mortar and pestle. 
Pink Peppercorns from MorningStar Kitchen