Sometimes our clients say it best! "Your Oven Smoked Brisket made with Seville Orange Peel, Texas Roadhouse, Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt was PHENOMENAL!  I couldn't believe the bark I was able to create using your method. The brisket tasted (and looked) like it had been smoked outdoors for hours."

Michael B
Oven Smoked Brisket Recipe by MorningStar Kitchen


Blended for the Home Chef from the Classic Flavors of Texas Barbecue.


Central Texas is famous for its roadhouses, where the specialty is hearty meats, seasoned with spice rubs and smoked for hours. The flavors are savory and sweet at the same time. And always distinctly Texan! Our Roadhouse blend is a tribute to that tradition. It's great on ribs and briskets. Potatoes and corn, too!


1/2 Cup Glass Jar 

Net Wt. 3.0 Oz.



Sea salt, sugar, brown sugar, chili peppers, spices, silica (to prevent caking).


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